I agree with you, Y2Kshark, and I am more than willing to be part of a class action suit against

Diamond Resorts Intl. I don't get it....maintenance fee doubled, now instead of 900 something, it's 1800 for the annual fee, regardless if I use it or not....let me know of your intentions as soon as possible, as I understand there may be a lot of us that are not happy and willing to do something about it....and moreover, reduce the ridiculous maintenance fee as I have seen no improvement yet in the property cosmetics, although they will tell you that they haven't had enough time since they have only owned it for 8 months...bull!!!!!!!


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i wonder if there is a way out we havent been to orientation yet or paid the 4=$1100.00 yet and would like a way out before it is too late if it isnt yet.


We were hit with double the maintenance fee the very first year we bought. I haven't paid it and now it's late.

I'm not happy at all. Worst decision we ever made.


These fees will continue to increase as people bail out on the timeshares and the fees are paid by fewer people. I doubt if class action will help but you can refer to TUG.

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