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We just found out this week that if you own a diamonds resort package that it is a forever contract. When you die whether your heirs want it or not they are responceable for it like it or not.

As long as you have heirs they want that fee. The person that told us went to buy a house and their credit was ruined because when their parents died they did not want the properties. Little did they know that they were responciple for the fees. We just spent a whole lot of money for an attorney to take care of this.

Also on the front of our contract book it says basically that don't believe what you are told at those high pressured meetings. I will show you the first page of our contract.

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My POA wasn't in my package and when I informed DRI, they straight out told me, I initial the contract, therefore, I received it. Basically, called me a liar!!! smh

Montclair, New Jersey, United States #1192033

They also will double bill maintenance fees - I inherited my father's weeks - the 2016 maintenance fees were paid in December 2015. The transfer of ownership was completed in July 2016 and they promptly sent me a 2016 maintenance fee bill.

When I told them the fees were paid in December, they said no, it's billable again because it's a new account. It's not a new account.

It's an account transferred due to death. Can't get any help from them when I call even when I walk to supervisors.

to Anonymous Montclair, New Jersey, United States #1192039

(talk not walk) so frustrated I can't even type

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